Shamrock is known as a symbol of Ireland, with St. Patrick having used it as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity, according to legend. Moreover shamrock was traditionally used for its medicinal properties. In order to accomplish our mission we named our clinic “Trinity Neurology Clinic” and adopted shamrock as our symbol.

Our mission is supplying good health care in order to harmonize:

Director of Trinity Neurology Clinic Takeshi Oki

Director of Trinity Neurology Clinic
Takeshi Oki

Message from the Director

We opened Trinity Neurology Clinic in Sakura on December 3rd 2012 after enough training in neurology and cerebrovascular medicine at certified institutions including Chiba University Hospital, Japanese Red Cross Narita Hospital, Matsudo Neurology Clinic and other institutions.
In order to fulfill the medical needs in neighboring area, we treat not only neurological disorders but also common disorders including cold, abdominal pain and others. You can also receive immunizations and medical examinations.
Furthermore we are trying to cooperate with hospitals, clinics, care providers and administrative organs for offering satiable and long-term treatment for each patient.


  1. M.D. (1995)   Okayama University School of Medicine, Okayama, Japan
  2. Ph.D. (2002)   Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba, Japan


  1. Physician’s licence, Japan, 1995 (#366591)


  1. Board-certified, Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, 2001 (Recertified, 2005, 2009)
  2. Board-certified, Japanese Society of Neurology, 1999 (Recertified, 2004, 2011)
  3. Board-certified, Japan Stroke Society, 2005 (Recertified, 2009)


  1. The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (Member), 1995-
  2. The Japanese Society of Neurology (Member), 1995-
  3. The Japan Stroke Society (Member), 1997-
  4. The Japanese Association of Neurological Therapeutics (Member), 1995-